The Better Posture Program
5 weeks to improve posture and long term improvements with Dr Nekessa Remy!

Working at a computer all day can not only effect our posture but it can lead to numerous aches and pains.

Neck pain, headaches, lower back discomfort, hip pain and more can all be the result of periods of long sitting. This program is designed not only to teach you how to customize your workstation to your needs but it will provide you with long term solutions on how to improve posture and reduce pain. Over the course of 5 weeks you will learn what it means to have "good posture" and be provided with exercises that will reduce the aches and pains of computer work PLUS learn how to permanently improve your posture.  Without proper posture our bodies become more vulnerable to injuries. Over the last 2 years most of us have spend increased amounts of time at our desks or just sitting! Its not late too make the changes necessary to help you sit up or better yet stand up straigher and stronger!

Join us Fall 2022
From the comfort of your own home

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Corporate Workshops Available
Lets create a healthy work environment for employees to THRIVE! Here are some of our most popular workshops which can be done in person or virtually.


Posture Workshops

Is poor posture preventing your team from performing to the best of their ability? Are they complaining of regular aches and pains? Prevent workplace injury before it occurs, book a Posture Workshop today! During one of our posture workshops, attendees will learn the benefits of maintaining a good posture while they work. They’ll be taken through head to toe stretches that can be done at their desk to eliminate pain, as well as the cues to look out for to maintain healthy posture. Our team member will also give advice on stretches and strength training tips that will help improve posture long term.  

Workplace Ergonomics Workshops

Our Ergonomic Workshops coach your team on how to properly set up their workstation to ensure it promotes a healthy posture while minimizing risk of injury. It examines several key factors that can impact a person’s posture. Lots of workers are spending their days sitting at desks and workstations that aren't optimized for them. Our team will give a practical demonstration on best practices in workplace ergonomics that teach staff best practices and equip them to lead a healthier and more productive work life.