Get ready for raking with these safety tips!!

On October 9, 2012
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Raking your lawn involves a number of different activities including: bending twisting, reaching and lifting. Improperly performing these activities can lead to injuries. In 2008 nearly 28,000 people suffered injuries from raking which required treatment (from US Consumer Product Safety Commission).

With these simple tips you may decrease your chance of injury:

1.) Dress Appropriately
Dress in layers as sweat can build up quickly
Wear gloves to avoid getting blisters
Wear well supported shoes with skid resistant soles to decrease the risk of falls

2.) Right Tools
Select a rake that is the proper height and size for your strength

3.) Be posture conscious
Watch your posture while raking. Raking while hunched over puts extra stress on your low back; this can lead to an increased soreness

4.) Proper technique
When raking use your legs rather than your back to shift your weight, twisting movements can strain the muscles in your back
Try varying movements and sides often to avoid overusing muscle groups

5.) Don’t overdo it
Raking leaves is an aerobic exercise. Don’t rush it! The leaves aren’t going anywhere!
Take regular breaks to rest and remember to hydrate yourself

6.) Use proper lifting technique
Try not to overfill your bags with leaves, especially if leaves are wet
When lifting bend your legs and not your back. Your legs are stronger than your arms use this to your advantage. Keep the load close to your body, pivot with your feet and don’t twist your body while carrying the load.

7.) Stretching
Stretching after your body has warmed up and then again after you are done can decrease your chances of injuries. Muscles to focus on include your back, neck, shoulders and legs.

8.) Contact your Chiropractor

If you have pain of discomfort following raking, consult your chiropractor to prevent chronicity of pain.

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