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ERGONOMICS – It’s all in the way we sit!

On November 1, 2010
By Dr. Nekessa Remy | 0 Comments

Proper posture is key in staying healthy and preventing injuries. Some common conditions, which can be linked to poor posture, include:

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 Low back sprain/strains
 Neck sprains/strains
 Headaches

 Shoulder/rotator cuff injuries
 Tennis Elbow

What causes these injuries?

2 factors are associated with developing injury:

Static Loading Postures
◦Holding one body part in a stationary posture for a prolonged period

Dynamic Loading Postures

◦Repeating the same motion over and over again without periods of rest

Setting Up Your Workstation


  • The feet should rest flat on the floor with the thighs roughly parallel to the floor
  • The back of the knee should be slightly higher than the seat of the chair.
  • If the seat pan tilts, the preferred position is with the knees slightly lower than the hips.


  • Sit all the way back in the chair and sit straight up
  • The angle between the torso and thigh should be approx 120 deg.


  • Maintain a 90-degree angle at the elbow and keep the keyboard at elbow height (neutral)
  • Elbows should be close to the sides to reduce upper back and shoulder tension.

Wrist Support

  • Allows the wrist to stay in a neutral position and relieve the stress from the desk edge or the wrist bending position
  • Prevent irritation to the median nerve, yet sturdy enough to give support. It should have a padded base for the keyboard to sit on, which will absorb vibration going through the fingers

Computer Screen Positioning

  • Monitors should be placed so that the top of the screen is at the operator’s eye level
  • The reason most people have their screens tilted up is due to the fact that the screen is too low in the first place.
  • Tuck your chin in to prevent protrusion of the jaw. This will help to prevent tightness in the neck.

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