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Ankle Sprains: Are you at risk for a sprain?

On February 19, 2012
By Dr. Nekessa Remy | 0 Comments

An ankle sprain is one of the most common sports injuries for athletes who play field or court sports.
Researchers found that a simple, inexpensive screening tool can predict which athletes may be more likely to have an ankle injury and developed a simple training routine to help reduce that risk.
The study found that athletes who were unable to complete a simple single-leg balance exercise were two-and-a-half times more likely to have an ankle sprain during the subsequent season than those who could complete the test.
In this study, 230 college and high school athletes who participated in football, soccer and volleyball were screened during their sports physicals using the Single-leg balance test.

The Single-Leg Balance Test
The single-leg balance test required that the athletes close their eyes for ten seconds while standing barefoot on one foot, keeping the other knee bent and not touching the weight-bearing leg.

The test was considered “positive” if the athlete was unable to perform the test on either one or both legs.
The participants were followed through the sports season to record any incidence of ankle sprains during sports participation. Over a 14-week season, these 230 athletes reported 28 ankle sprains. The study results indicated that athletes with a positive single-leg balance test result were significantly more likely to be among those reporting an ankle sprain.

The researchers concluded that although the single-leg balance test served as a predictor of ankle injury, the exact mechanism responsible for this increased risk of injury remains unknown.

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