Are you at risk for developing a ‘hunch back’?

On November 28, 2016
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So many of us sit for long periods of time at a computer and this is not good for your spine, as human beings our bodies are designed to stand and walk. No matter how ergonomic your work station is sitting consecutively for more than 60 minutes can cause a variety of  musculoskeltal issues. These issues are often the result of a muscular imbalances which can cause and abnormal posture referred to as Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS). Someone with UCS will often have forward neck translation and rounded shoulders causing the shoulder blades to round and spread apart resulting in an increased curve in the upper back. UCS is simply the weakening and lengthening of the posterior upper-back and neck musculature, and the tightening and shortening of the opposing musculature in the chest and at the base of the skull.


The good news is that UCS is easy for us to identify and can be corrected with time and a conscientiously applied program of chiropractic and rehabilitative care. Over time manipulation, stretching and progressive exercises re-establishes normal movements and normal muscular length and strength.

Here are a few exercises that you could try at home to help prevent the development of UCS.

Wall Angels

  • Stand with your back to the wall with your feet apart (approx 12″ from the wall)
  • Buttocks, shoulder blades and head are against the wall
  • Rock your pelvis forward into a tilt so that there is a space between your lower back and the wall
  • Raise your arms above your head with your palms facing outward.
  • While maintaining the pressure t the wall with the back of your hands, slowly lower your elbows toward teh floor.
  • Return to the start position

Photo 525   Photo 526


  • Sit on a chair with your “sit bones” at the edge
  • Rock your pelvis forward into a tilt
  • Tuck your chin and turn your hands outward so that your thumbs are pointing behind you
  • Keep fingers as wide as possible
  • Hold for 10 seconds and repeat

Photo 527


Chin Tucks

  • While sitting in a comfortable position, slowly move your head straight backward so that your chin moves into a tuck position
  • your eyes should stain in a position so that you are still looking straight ahead
  • Use your hand on your chin to push your head further backward.
  • Return to the starting position
  • Perform 5-10 reps 3-5 times per day

Photo 528


The quality of posture can make a big difference in your life. Proper posture can make a person look and feel stronger, decrease the risk of injury, advance everyday performance, and over the course of a life, proper posture can prevent painful physical and mental strain.

It is advised that you consult your health care professionals before starting any exercise routine.

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