Speak At Your Event

Our health care team are competent and highly knowledgeable speakers on chiropractic care, core strengthening for athletes, injury prevention, athletic rehabilitation and much more.

Dr. Remy is a regular speaker at various Mississauga Running Room locations and has appeared on several local and national media providing insights on health and wellness.

Here are some of the topics that can be delivered at your next event:

Sport Injury Prevention

How to stay injury free this season

This session includes discussion of the most common injuries to various athletes and how to prevent these injuries using stretching and strengthening techniques, Active Release Technique and it’s effectiveness in treating running injuries


Core Stability Training 101

This session teaches individuals how to actively engage the core muscles safely, using various pieces of equipment and their own body weight. This is a very popular session as research has shown that increasing your core stability  decreases common sports-related injuries. There is also a focus on increasing spinal stability, which has been shown to effectively prevent common lower back injuries. The goal is to teach athletes how to train effectively to keep them safe during the season.



How to set up your workstation to achieve optimal postures

The goal of this seminar is to provide fundamental ergonomic information to employees. Most companies will choose this seminar so that everyone can learn about ergonomics and be taught how to personally address basic problems at their own workstation, whether at a desk or in a car. The goal is also to raise awareness with the intent of preventing areas of discomfort from becoming injuries.